With my help even you can become a decent human being!

Welcome to the Zero Trollerance six-step self-help program!

Hate has always been a part of the Internet and the intentional harassment of other people (termed trolling) has too. But the gendered forms of harassment and violence on Twitter today point to a deeper problem in society that cannot be solved by technical solutions alone. Trolls need serious, practical help to overcome their sexism, deal with their anger issues and change their behaviour.

Zero Trollerance is a self-help journey designed by guru Adler King in consultation with reformed trolls. Adler's team of Troll Coaches are constantly analysing Twitter and enrolling new trolls in the program where they are led through an intensive process of self excavation and given practical tools to overcome their inner hurdles. For trolls, this is the first step towards a new life.

Over reformed trolls already

Thanks to Zero Trollerance, I learned how to tweet like a feminist.


Zero Trollerance gave me moral guidance. I have to admit, I still troll. But now, the right ones: the chauvinists.


Day one: shock. Day two: feeling lost and alone. So angry! Day six: reborn, and full of love. Thank you, Zero Trollerance!