Become a Penguin

Penguins are what keeps Peng alive and working. They guarantee a basic income for the collective so we can focus on bold political stunts. Become a Penguin now and support radical action. It is easy and fun!

Baby Penguin Penguin Power Penguin Penguin Guru Penguin Partner
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  • Baby Penguin

    5 €/month

    You give what you can and that is adorable. You will grow up to be cool.

  • Penguin

    10 €/month

    Your support enables radical and stylish political work. You are awesome and good-looking!

  • Power Penguin

    15 €/month

    You help us not only because it makes you sexy. You believe in Peng. We love you too.

  • Penguin Guru

    25 €/month

    You are not only generous, you are smart, too. We value your opinion and will do whatever you say.

  • Penguin Partner

    50 €/month

    You are one of us. We will invite you to our legendary secret parties.

Your name will appear on the public Penguin cabinet page. Enter a pseudonym or your real name. It is up to you.

Every Penguin gets a unique position in the exquisite Penguin cabinet. You can be World Ambassador, Chief of Secrets, Emissary of Penguin Healthcare, or any other position you ever wanted.

Now for the boring stuff. For the payment to work we need to give some information about you to the bank.