Ever wanted to chat with the NSA?

They know everything about us but we know nothing about them. Now you can change that. Call-A-Spy lets you call up agents of the secret services, find out who they are, why they spy for a living and what they think of Pokémon GO. Get to know the people who surveil you and call a spy!

Call-A-Spy uses modern technology to establish a connection to one of thousands of internal phone numbers of secret service employees in USA, Germany, UK, Canada and France. Calls are routed through a virtual private network and cannot be traced back. We offer Call-A-Spy in three separate formats: Game Show, Workshop and Installation.

The Call-A-Spy Show

Live call challenges on stage

The Call-A-Spy Show is an entertaining and enlightening journey into the psyche of the secret services. Three brave contestants put their communication skills to the test, competing in a number of challenges, all involving live phone calls with unsuspecting agents. 80% improvised, each show is different depending on who the contestants are and who they reach on the end of the line. The goal is to make them laugh, make them cry, but just don’t let them hang up!

The Call-A-Spy Show has been shown at Kampnagel International Summer Festival (Hamburg, Germany), at La Gaîté Lyrique (Paris, France) and at Hebbel am Ufer (Berlin, Germany).

Game Show

Book The Show

Our gameshow format is radical theatre at its best. It tips the power balance between citizens and the secret services through the innocent fun of a prank call. It can be staged in theaters and conferences. A stable internet connection, sound system and stage is required. Full show recording is available on request.

Call-A-Spy Workshops

Learn to call spies like a pro

Confront your fears of mass surveillance or satisfy your curiosity about the shadowy world of the secret services. In the Call-A-Spy workshop our coaches will guide you through a series of steps. You will develop strategies, experiment with conversation starters and learn how to extract information from secret service agents. Our coaches share advice and experiences from previous workshop participants and connect you with a call centre professional.


Get The Workshop

The workshop format provides all the excitement of calling spies in the comfort of a guided group experience. Participants work in pairs and are supported by coaches on hand with expert knowledge and advice on how avoid obstacles in conversation with spies. Workshops can be held for groups of up to 20 people in both English and German.

The Call-A-Spy Installation

Talk to the people who surveil you

The Call-A-Spy installation offers a private way for everyday citizens to call up agents of the secret services, one on one. After hearing some pre-recorded information about the intelligence agencies and the people who work there, you can choose which country you want to reach and within a matter of seconds be talking to a real spy. It's exciting, it's fun, and it's opening a door to the most isolated people who have the world’s most intimate data at their fingertips.

The Call-A-Spy installation has been set up at Logan Symposium Berlin, HMKV Dortmund, DIG Conference Italy, Berlin Biennale, HCPP Prague, La Gaîté Lyrique, Kunsthal Charlottenborg and Manifesta 12 Biennial in Palermo.


Host The Installation

The Call-A-Spy installation consists of one or more phones, connected to our Call-A-Spy server, enabling a connection to several secret service agencies. The installation can be set up in museums, conferences, art shows, etc. A stable internet connection is required.

Interested in booking Call-A-Spy?

We are happy to set up any of the Call-A-Spy formats at your venue. For more information and booking requests, please contact booking@call-a-spy.org.