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Job Announcement

We are looking for ethically fit Economists who are interested in participating in an art project in Athens for six weeks. You will call people responsible for financial regulation, seeking to create a dialogue between them and citizens during the 6th Athens Biennale, ANTI. The work consists of ongoing research work, telephone calls and interaction with interested citizens, mostly between October 26 and December 9. The process will be in public view.

Your qualifications:

– You speak English fluently
– You are friendly on the phone
– You are curious and playful
– You have basic economic knowledge
– You have fun intervening in the political power play
– You live in Athens

We will hold a first concept development meeting on Sunday/Monday September 9/10 in which we will develop the concept together with you. This first meeting will be paid. If we agree on joint cooperation, we will have 3 days of preparation in September. This is a 6-week, Monday to Friday, paid job.

If you are interested, please: let us know three questions you always asked yourself about finance, plus maybe a bit of justification why you are the right person for the job.

To apply, click here:

Deadline: 5 September 2018

Super Secret Campaign Launch

We are launching our next campaign with you. On Wednesday, 28. February, we will kick off at Franziskaner – the most glamorous bar of Kreuzberg!

Put on your most fabulous hat, shine your shoes, pimp your hair and grab your brain as this is the night of the nights. Probably the most important and dangerous Peng campaign is to be launched. This can change the world forever. Or just be forgotten in the universe like a glass of warm piss that went down our throats. Its up to you!

Franziskaner is Dresdener Straße 17, 10999 Berlin

We start at 20 h, 28. February

And props to the Franziskaner! They sponsor Peng, we sponsor their football team and tonight, we will all sponsor each other with drinks!